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1.  We were so wrong! We thought we were knowledgeable about coffee and we smugly went through life drinking store brand coffee thinking that coffee was coffee. How big of a difference can there really be? (Our apologies to the connoisseurs reading this right now.) We didn’t know! Now we do. Our biggest discovery? Coffee doesn’t have to taste bitter! Freshness and roasting dates matter! 


2.  Please take a lesson from our experience and let us save you from years of unnecessary bad coffee drinking! After all, friends don’t let friends drink bad coffee. In that spirit, we’ve created Grim Bean Coffee to bring you a great cup of coffee that’s to die for! Plus, we’ll show you how to brew that perfect cup. 


3.  We love coffee (mainly because we are not morning people). We love farming. We love simplicity. We love fair trade and organic products. We are fun, quirky, spirited individuals with the same dream: excellent coffee. Out of these ideals (and many bleary-eyed mornings), Grim Bean Coffee was born. 

Quinn Flags manufacturers many different types of flags, banners and displays using a variety of soft signage substrates. The products we manufacture are used in almost every market including trade shows, schools and school spirit, automotive, healthcare, financial, real estate, construction, home building, organizations, corporate, hospitality, municipalities, food and beverage, sports, entertainment, POP and many more!  Shop local and any flag, banner and display needs. 

My sister and I grew tired of shelling out big bucks for candles that were becoming less and less in quality.  Ten years ago we tested and tested and tested more and more and Sisters at Wicks End candles was born!  We produce a quality soy candle that will fill your home with scents that we and you, love! Each candle is hand poured in our working shop in Hanover, PA. 

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