The Fight Doesn't End When They Come Home.

"Fighting for Those who Fought for Us"


They lay down their lives so that we can sleep at night, sacrifice holidays and miss special life events that we all take for granted. We are currently supporting over 6500 deployed troops. We need your support to continue making their life a little easier. 100% of all donations go directly to our Deployed service members and Homeless Veterans. Donations are desperately needed. We cannot do what we do without your monetary support, no matter how small. Every penny counts. Consider making us part of your charitable giving for 2020. Send checks to P.O. Box 1238, Hanover, Pa 17331, or click the donate button.

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For as little as 5 dollars a month you can make the difference in a Deployed service members life. Please consider donating TODAY!!

"This building has served many purposes over the years. The most recent intention was for it to be used as a Bourbon Bakery. As things sometimes go, those plans did not come to be, and it has since sat empty for quite some time. I don't like to see things not be put to a good use.

This past Saturday, we partnered with the organization, For the Love of a Veteran, and hosted an event at our New Oxford location in which we raised funds to support our active military men and women overseas, military families in need, homeless veterans, and increase awareness of PTSD. This is an organization that I strongly believe in and support. Its cause reaches far and wide, sending about 5,000 care packages overseas - a month. A staggering number, when considered it is all done through donations.

That said, on the 1st Monday of each month beginning November 4th, I will be hosting All You Can Eat Wings, Fries, and Soup with all proceeds from those sales to be donated to the organization. I mentioned, I don't like seeing things not being put to good use. That building I referenced earlier...? I will be donating the space to For the Love of a Veteran, so that they can continue to do their mission. Details to come as to how they will best utilize the space, and how the public can be involved.

Until then, come join us on November 4th for our first AYCE Wings, Fries, and Soup event. See the link below for further details and pricing."


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